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Top 5 Deals Under $20 For Home Improvement

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John and I are always on the lookout for deals, and I figured I would share our most used, favorite five buys under $20!  I’m not even using affiliate links for Amazon, so you know these are the real deal!


Extreme Post It Notes

These things are the best!  Water, ice, whatever you throw at it, they will stick!  No more ripping, no more mush!  Combine it with your favorite sharpie and your labels stick forever!

Best Review: These are not normal paper labels- more like a hardy masking tape with a sticky, yet still very removable, adhesive. We use these to label parts for upcoming jobs in our automotive shop. During the summer we have our shop doors open and the wind blows through quite rapidly in the parts handling area. Often, our parts boxes are a bit greasy, and the area is next to a wash bay where splashing occurs. I have NEVER had one of these stickers fall off. A+ to 3M on this item!


Key Chain Screw Drivers

We have these keychains hanging like the picture above.  You know why?  Because our tools are in the garage, and we’re always looking for a screwdriver.  Right there, easy access, whenever you need it.

Best Review: If you’re looking at this product, buy it. You’ll want a screwdriver about as often as you’d think, especially if you’re reading reviews on it. This particular set fits all the screws in the business level computer towers and laptops I’ve had to scav for parts or rebuild.


Best Multi-Tool Knife

This multi-tool is awesome for the person on the go.  It’s super easy to take with you, and has pretty much you’d ever need on the go.  Never get caught unprepared!

Best Review:  Bought this item for an emergency survival pack kit. Its small and has many gadgets to it. Seems to be the perfect tool. So many things can be used with this in emergency situations and its small and light weight easy for backpackers wanting to travel very light. This is not quite what the seller described. Its better than they described. Thank you very much.

And, the top two are:


Loctite Construction Adhesive

This is one of John’s favorite adhesive’s to use around the house.  You basically put it in the object, stick it where you want, and it actually sticks.  More importantly, it dries FAST.  Keeps you moving without waiting!

Ryobi Drilling and Driving Kit Ryobi Drilling and Driving Kit 120 Piece Set

This is one of my favorite items.  I picked this up after the holidays many years ago and I have never wanted for a drill bit.  Sure, they might not be diamond tipped, but you will have whatever size for whatever project, never leaving you in that situation where you are saying, “CRAP!  Now I have to run to home depot!”  This is the best deal you can find.

What are your favorite buys?

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