Remodel of a Lake House

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Recently, an opportunity arose for us to renovate and remodel a small lake house for some family friends.

The truck parked outside of the lake

The house is an adorable 800 square foot house with a view of the lake. The owners already started the renovation work, but once kids came in the picture it was too much to accomplish themselves.

Our mission? To renovate it from the ground up – and make it the vacation home of their dreams.

Designing a Remodel

Beginning this remodel, the first step was to view the property. We immediately recognized the potential this little house had to be the vacation home of this families dream.

However, we also recognized it is a significant amount of work ahead. Although the house is partially gutted, there is a significant amount of work left to get it to a space where it would be usable by the family. Below, you can see some pictures from when we first looked at the house.

The next step is to design the house in Home Designer Pro, to show them the potential the house has based on their requirements. This is especially crucial in the kitchen area, where we were starting from scratch. Here are some designs of the kitchen from home designer:

The final step is all the hard work to get this job done. This remodel job is massive, taking up close to 3 months of John’s time. It is the reason I haven’t really be updating the site with other work in the meantime.

We are so close to the finish line! I can’t wait to show you all the results. Here’s a sneak peak of John working while I was down this weekend though!

Grout makes everything look so much different.

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