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Production Build Options – Recap

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This concludes the series within a series on the selecting production build options you will be faced with.  As a reminder, it covered:

In order to help anyone who may be on their journey with a production builder we’ve prepared a quick infographic which you can print out and put in your materials to keep with you at all times:

Quick Guide to Production Building

These were only a brief overview to get you started on production build options.  In the next few weeks there is so much more to cover that I couldn’t fit in an infographic.  You’ll find a post on the horror of picking appliances, and why I think refrigerators are in need of a design overhaul.  I’ll talk a little about the financing process, and what you should be prepared for.  You’ll also get to read a bit of the process of selling our current condo, and what we had to do there.  And of course, you’ll learn about what design choices John and I ended up going with since we didn’t go with the ones at the design center.

The next steps for us in our build process are:

  1. Pre-build meeting where we walk the land and get the site survey
  2. Sit and wait for it to be built
  3. Pre-dry wall walk through
  4. Final walk through before closing
  5. Closing!

We are supposed to be in our new house by end of year, and then the fun really starts.  That’s when we get to rip everything out and you see us implement all the things you’ve been reading about.

Hope you stay following along!

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