What You Need To Know About Working With Marble

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Marble is a gorgeous and timeless tile choice that will give your house a classic look.  It comes in a variety of colors and grains, and can be used on counter tops, floors, black-splashes, or as an accent piece.

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Some quick facts that show why marble is one of the leading tile choices:

  • Marble has a natural translucence that allows light to penetrate it, which is why artists used it for ages in their sculptures.
  • Because of this translucence, light will absorb which gives marble the ‘glow’ that is often seen when it’s laid on floors.
  • Unlike most natural stones, marble is able to take a very high polish.  This gives it a smooth and shimmering surface, often elevating the look and feel of the space it is used.

Despite these wonderful traits, there are some draw backs to marble which home owners should be aware before working with tile.

  • Although marble is a natural stone, it is one of the softest of the natural stones.  This makes it more susceptible to scratches and cracks than others.
  • Marble is considered a premium material and is priced accordingly, so using it in large areas can be quite expensive.

The Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Here are our top 5 tips to working with marble in your home:

  1. When cutting, always use diamond blade on your saw!  Because it is so easy to crack you want to use a saw blade that does the heavy lifting for you.  A diamond blade will allow you to push lightly.  This makes sure to have a smooth, even cut.
  2. Although contrasting grout can be beautiful, it sometimes flow into the natural fissures of the marble and looks like a crack.  Be aware of that risk if you’re using it for backsplashes or in bathrooms.
  3. Once you install your marble, make sure you seal it. Sealing stone protects it from all the environmental damages that may stain it.  This can take away from the natural beauty.
  4. Cleaning marble should always be done with a light soap and soft sponge or rag.  Never use vinegar to clean!  Marble is a base PH, and vinegar can and will stain.
  5. In order to keep your marble in the best shape, it’s a good idea to reseal it every once in a while. To check when you need to seal it, follow these instructions:
    1.  Put a few drops of water on your counter
    2.  Leave it for around 5 minutes and then wipe up the liquid.
    3.  If a dark spot or stain is left behind, then it’s time to seal again.

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