DiY Laundry Room Make Over

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One of the things about living with John is there are always projects going on around the house.  They are always in a state of half-completed, and we move on to the next one.  Case in point, in early December, I came home and John had ripped out the wire shelves in our laundry room.  He quickly built me an amazing new closet shelf with a murphy table.

As you can see, the walls were in rough shape, but YAY murphy table!

I was VERY excited about this project because I hate wire shelving in general.  Things always fall through it and hit me in the head.  The murphy table is a great solution to the fact that sometimes I need to store tall items there, and sometimes I need to fold clothes.

Unfortunately, the laundry sat in this sad, unfinished state for about a month because life intervenes.

Finally, Laundry Room Restarted

Over the holidays, we finally got around to painting it.  Normally, painting is one of my tasks.  John will tape for me because I am AWFUL at taping (I just don’t have the patience or coordination for it) and then I roll it out. For this project, I was really surprised when I came upstairs and he had already painted half it.

At one point, he was under the table… which kind of reminded me of Harry Potter being stuck under the stairs….

You’re a wizard John!!!

All of our work paid off, and two days later, our completed painted and amazing laundry room.  The laundry room added 4 feet of extra shelving space, and the murphy table!  The table is the best most functional use of that space.  It means when needed I can lift and use as table, but when I need a larger space I can fold it down and store larger items.

The trim specifically matches all the trim that exists in the house after a coat of primer both of which we already had from other projects.

The laundry room redesign cost $30 in new materials, and approximately $10 worth of materials we already had.

And this is the result:

Excuse the fact that I have way too much stuff stacked up there, we’re starting a new closet redesign already….

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