Introducing Cypress Isle Homes, LLC

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Welcome to Cypress Isle Homes, LLC.

John Aldridge brings over 15 years of experience in home renovation projects to Northern Virginia.  He started his career just out of high school working in tile, and has branched out to all types of remodels. He can ensure the overall job scope maintain an on time schedule, and solve any problems that arise.  In his spare time, John enjoys playing video games and watching the Saints every Sunday.

Why the name Cypress Isle Homes?  John moved to Virginia to marry my wife from Lafayette, Louisiana and one of the stand out things that is always remembered from driving over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is the miles of Cypress trees in the swamps below.  The Isle comes from his proud Irish heritage.  (One of the first thing people always notice is his red hair.) 

And thus, the name Cypress Isle Homes was born…


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