How to Build Floating Shelves Quickly

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Today, inspiration struck while I was in the shower.  You see, I have been annoyed by the fact that keys, dog collars, and various other items have just been thrown about on tables in our house, and they definitely needed a home.  Floating shelves would be a wonderful idea in our entry way to give them one!

I rushed out of the shower and downstairs and explained my master plan for the reclaimed wood pallets we had hiding in the garage.  John immediately hopped into action and now an hour later I have three floating shelves in the stairwell that are functional and decorative without making too much of an impact in the walkway space.

To put the shelves up all we had to do was drill a hole in a stud, drop a bolt in the hole, and then drill a corresponding hole in the wood pallet!  And for the two by the doors, we screwed in some hooks to the bottom to allow us to hang items.

Easy upgrade which is functional, and beautiful.

How to Complete Your Own Floating Shelf

All you need for this project is:


Place the shelf against the wall, making sure it’s level.  Mark on the wall where you will be drilling your holes.  I suggest two close to the end, but not on the end.  (For my shelves, which were about a foot and a half, we used 2 inches of space from each end.)

Then, drill a hole in your shelf the same distance that you marked on the wall on the skinny side, both ends.  This is where the pegs will go to make your shelf float.  Don’t drill it all the way through, but about halfway through.  You may need someone to help you hold the shelf.

Once you’ve done that, drill a hole in the wall about the size of the dowel.  If you can find a stud, this is great because it will support the shelf.  If you can’t – just remember you can’t put anything heavy on it. 😛  Put the dowels in, put a squirt of wood glue on, and then slide your shelf against the dowels.

BAM!  Floating shelf!

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