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Designing the Dream Kitchen from Scratch

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As you learned in the design center post, John and I didn’t spend a lot of money in the design center.   So it was up to me to design our dream kitchen. To recap was our formula was:

How much does it cost at design center < How much does it cost if we do it ourself + how obnoxious is it to do ourselves?

We spent money on granite, and appliances, but anything that we thought would be replaced later was just base.  Therefore, our kitchen design ended looking kind of awful straight out of the design center.

Kitchen Design Center Choices – not exactly what we are looking for…

We went base with cabinets, flooring (vinyl) and the fixtures.  You’ll see the only thing we really spend money upgrading was the granite.  That is because the granite was only $3K with them, which is about what it would be if we went somewhere else after the fact.

John was pretty particular about the granite he wanted.  He isn’t a fan of granite that has just dark spots on it.  He wanted the swirls and grains, so White Ice is what we picked.  Once we picked the granite, I started to form an idea of how else I wanted our kitchen to come together.


We are lucky, and the base cabinets are a nice simple wood design, so I had a wonderful mostly blank template to play with.  Right now in our condo, we have all white cabinets. It’s wonderful for resale, but I am not the biggest fan.  They collect dirt on the bottom and I feel like the kitchen has no personality.

However, they do have benefits such as making the kitchen look larger.  We are going to need that in this kitchen because it’s slightly smaller than our current kitchen.

I’ve started to really like the idea of two tone kitchen cabinets.  By putting the bright white on the top, and a darker color on the bottom, I’m able to get the airy brightness I’ll need in the smaller kitchen, while still having the darker color I prefer.  It’s the best of both worlds.

It will look especially wonderful with the white ice granite, which shares both colors.

Backsplash and Flooring

John and I went to Home Depot one evening to look at flooring options and ended up looking at tile as well.  For flooring, we wanted to have a nice light color to offset some of the dark cabinets I was doing, as well as hide Maeve’s hair.  We picked out Life Proof LVP in Sterling Oak.

The backsplash was a little more difficult.  We went through about 20 or so tiles and were about to leave when I saw the one we decided to go with.  It’s a beautiful glass tile which looks like the inside of a shell. Because of this, it plays with the light around it.  It is able to reflect all sorts of colors back at you.

You remember from the electrical post we are planning to run Hue light strips under the cabinet? This is the perfect type of backsplash to have with that because the light reflection will give the kitchen a different ambiance with different colors.  John and I immediately agreed on this backsplash, and were on our way.

backsplash and flooring of kitchen
The backsplash and flooring is probably my favorite part of this design.

Hardware and Lighting

The last thing to pick out for our kitchen was the final touches like crown molding for the top of the cabinets, hardware for the cabinets, and replacing the pendant lights which the builders were putting in over the island.

Luckily, the Delta Touchless Faucet we are bringing with us and the hardware I picked out is all brushed nickel. Therefore, I don’t need to immediately replace the pendant lights that come above all the island.

Kitchen Design – Final Look

All in all, the kitchen renovation is going to cost us approximately $2,500. This will have to be done right after we move in. It will update the look and feel to what we want our kitchen to be.  It should take approximately a week to get done, and will look something like this…

Kitchen Designed in Home Designer Pro
Kitchen Designed in Home Designer Pro

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