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Deciding on a Production Build Floor Plan

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After picking out your plot, the next part of the process is deciding what floor plan you would like.  (Please note:  Sometimes in this process you might pick out the house first and then the plot to match the house – this was just the way we did this.)

What We Thought We Would Buy

Going into the home deciding process, John and I had an idea of what we wanted already.  The floor plan was dubbed the St. Michael and decreased our current footprint by around 400 square feet.

Looking online, we thought the floor plan was perfect for us. It checked off every box we had for a floor plan in a house:

  • Good sized kitchen
  • Spacious master bedroom and bath
  • Large living room
  • Bedrooms away from master
  • Large laundry
  • Basement for John’s recreation-room

When you go see a production builder, the first thing you do is look at the houses.  Looking the St. Michael, we loved the layout just as much in person as we did online.  However there was one glaring flaw that online didn’t show us – and that was how much larger the footprint of the house was on the lot sizes they had available.

The Second Choice

Adjusting after we discovered the footprint was too large and would eat into our yard – which was a must have for our dog, we viewed some other options.  The next floor plan we were shown was the Dakota because it matched with our desire to have a smaller square footage.

Unfortunately, walking the floor plan we found the floor plan has one fatal flaw – the laundry room is incredibly small.  In addition, you have to walk through the laundry to get into the house from the garage.   Visions of John walking in while I was doing laundry and all the collisions danced through my head.  This floor plan is definitely not for us.

Just Right (Sort of?)

The last house we saw ended up being the house for us, and is the Hancock III.  A similar layout to the Dakota, it moves the laundry upstairs, adds a bedroom, and provides an additional 400 square feet while maintaining a smaller yard footprint for our pup Maeve.

Even though this floor plan ends up giving us 100 more square feet than we have now, we ended up loving it for a couple reasons:

  • Second floor laundry
  • Flow and layout of the first floor
  • Footprint on our desired plot

We discussed it at home for three days, and then messaged K-Hov back saying we were ready to pull the trigger and the real fun began.

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