Crown Molding DiY in Bathroom in One Day

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So back before I met John I went and did something monumentally stupid.  I purchased a new build condo without knowing all the little things I should look for in a house.  There were little touches, like the fact that my master bedroom has crown molding but the master bathroom doesn’t.

Today when I came home from work, I had a wonderful surprise.  John had spent the day adding beautiful crown to our master bathroom.  It’s little touches like these that add a wonderful feel to a room.  It makes the room look more finished and complete.  More regal.  I am so excited to enjoy my new bathroom.

One thing to note about this bathroom crown molding that John pointed out to me was how painful it was to put up at times.  The second picture shows well how many short cuts John had to make to have the crown go around small corners, and many edges.  There were 13 corners total in the bathroom and each of them looks fabulous.

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