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Breaking Ground on a New Build

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On April 20th, 2019 we put our deposit and signed the original contract on our house. This week, on June 19th, we are finally breaking ground! It is an incredibly exciting time.

Pre-Construction Meeting

John and I were able to go out to the location our house is being built on a rainy Thursday last week. We completed our pre-site survey walk through and met with the construction manager. This is an extremely important step in the new build process. The pre construction meeting is when the builder reviews everything chosen before breaking ground.

In our case, it includes:

  • Introducing our construction manager and learning about his experience in the industry.
  • Discussing the process of construction, including what the next steps are.
  • Reviewing the site survey, where the boundary lines are, and where the house will sit on the land
  • The topography of the land, and any transforming of the land that is to be done to support the house.
  • Final confirmation of the options, making sure there are no mistakes or changes.
This is our site survey for our new house - we were told what all the lines meant.
This is the original site survey for our house – now we have a more complete one with all our options.

In addition, the schedule is given at the meeting for the rest of the project. We are pleased to report that although we were originally given mid-November as a finish date; our house is currently scheduled for mid-October. Moving our timeline up a month has a positive impact on items like how long our sod has to take root, and what the weather is like for moving.

Intermission – Thoughts on K-Hovnanian

In one of the first blog posts of this series, I went over the reasons why we picked this lot, and this home. One of the things I did not cover was reviewing the home builder. This was deliberate, because many production builders have horrible reviews online.

Taking a look at the list of spec house builders found at, K-Hovnanian ranks number 10 nation wide. When looking at the reviews for the top 10, barely any of top 10 break above a three star rating.

Builders Ranking
Builders Ranking from 2018

Looking at reviews of builders, one first must view reviews through the lens of understanding that people are most likely to write a review when something went wrong – not when something went right. Understanding that, we can dive a little deeper into the reviews and see they break down into two different categories:

  • People who don’t understand how the sales process works – These are people who see the sign “starting at 300K” and run into sales agents who don’t include the true cost of the home once upgrades have been calculated in their pitch. Ignore these reviews. You have read this blog are prepared and ready!
  • People who have structural problems after the fact – These are the reviews to watch out for, these reviews show what kind of builder you will be dealing with in the area you live.

I am fortunate in that this is the second time I have purchased a new build house. Our sales associate is a wonderful woman who has been upfront, honest, and communicated at all time through the process. Our construction manager is knowledgable, experienced, and patient. We are absolutely sure we made the right decision to build with K-Hovnanian at this point in the process.

This is only in our neck of the woods of the though. When buying your own home, these are things you should ask and keep an eye on.

Stay Tuned

While we wait for our house to be built after breaking ground we’ll be working on another project! Click follow or subscribe because John and I have been given the opportunity to help give new life to an adorable 800 square foot home on a lake near us recently and will be writing about that process. In addition, I’ve been traveling internationally for my job, to Dublin and TaiPai for my day job and have some great posts about the architecture and designs I found there.

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