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Last night while I was browsing the internet I stumbled across the link for HGTV’s 20 Small Bathroom Makeovers.  It was exactly what I needed to inspire me, since I’ve been in an inspiration rut recently.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this slide show, was that the layouts of the bathroom were similar to what you would find in most houses.  Many times when browsing for inspiration there are beautiful pictures of beautiful bathrooms… But then you think, “Gee, that would be wonderful if my bathroom had about 100 more square feet of space.”  This gallery is one of the best galleries I’ve seen with bathroom configurations similar to what you find in real houses in Northern Virginia.

For instance, this slide shows the configuration that we’re all most familiar with.  From left to right – shower/tub combo, toilet, then single vanity and wall.  This was one of my favorite remodels in the gallery:

You’ll notice that in order to make the space appear larger, they went with the floating vanity.  This adds space under the vanity and a bright white shiplap wall.  They dropped the tub portion of the bath to give the a more open feel, and switched out the light fixtures to give a brighter look.

Most importantly, they took the tile all the way to the ceiling.  They also laid it vertically instead of horizontality to give the room a longer length.

PRO TIP:  When working with tile, remember the way you lay tile (vertical or horizontality) can change the spacial perception of the room!

The whole gallery is full of inspiration for bathrooms, so I suggest you check it out.  Which bathroom was your favorite?  What did you notice about it?

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