Cypress Isle Homes is owned and operated by John and Stephanie Aldridge. The reside in Ranson, West Virginia with their dogs Maeve and Luna, and both share a love for all things home improvement and design.

In fact, John and Stephanie met because of their shared love of home improvement. Stephanie posted on an internet forum advertising for someone to help her with some projects she had around the house and John was the one who answered the call. Since Stephanie already had a career which she could not leave in the tech industry based in Dulles, Virginia, John packed his bags and moved to Virginia and a year after they met they were married in the living room of the house that brought them together surrounded by friends and family.

In December of 2018, they decided to break off on their own and create Cypress Isle Homes, combing John’s knowledge and years of experience of flooring, tile and construction, with Stephanie’s business and technical acumen and love of design.

In 2019, they moved to Ranson, West Virginia, bringing the business with them!